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We have developed products which operates as an independent business units, each serving customers in different ways, but all with a focus on smoothening, automating business needs

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Our Success Stories

Nearound, developed by SkyQ Tech, has been a valuable tool for our business. It's helped us connect with our local community and customers in a way we never thought possible. SkyQ Tech's technology is truly bridging the gap between businesses and their surroundings.

WEBWEB AI by SkyQ Tech has revolutionized our online presence in the chemical industry. We now have a smart and secure website that showcases our products effortlessly. SkyQ Tech's innovation has set a new benchmark for the industry.

SkyQ Tech's WEBWEB AI made it possible for us to create a professional website without any coding knowledge. It has helped us reach a broader customer base and improved our online visibility. Thank you, SkyQ Tech, for simplifying our digital journey.

SkyQ Tech has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in application development and automation has streamlined our operations and boosted our efficiency. Thanks to them, Cake World is now serving our customers better than ever before!

Working with SkyQ Tech has been a fantastic experience. Their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and their in-depth consultancy services have transformed the way we manage our healthcare solutions. SkyQ Tech is our trusted partner in digital innovation.

SkyQ Tech has been instrumental in our journey to digitize healthcare services. Their data analytics and AI capabilities have improved patient care, and their consultation has guided us towards more efficient processes. We highly recommend SkyQ Tech to any healthcare institution.

Patwardhan Hospital's partnership with SkyQ Tech has been instrumental in enhancing our digital footprint. Their AI-based website solution has made information readily accessible to our patients, and the collaboration has improved our healthcare services.

We've been using allpos by SkyQ Tech at our food court, and it's been a game-changer. The lightweight Point of Sale app is easy to use, and it has streamlined our transactions. SkyQ Tech's solution has helped us serve our customers faster and more efficiently

Thanks to SkyQ Tech's allpos, our ice cream parlor runs like clockwork. It supports all devices, making it incredibly convenient for our staff. We're able to focus on delighting our customers with delicious treats, knowing that our POS system is in capable hands.

Industries we serve

SkyQ Tech specializes in providing customized IT solutions across healthcare, education, manufacturing, professional services, and retail. Discover how we drive innovation and digital transformation in these industries.

Revolutionizing Healthcare and Wellness

Enhancing patient care and well-being through innovative IT solutions." Description: "At SkyQ Tech, we are dedicated to transforming the healthcare and wellness industry. Our IT solutions empower healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient care while streamlining operations and improving overall well-being.

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Shaping the future of learning and information dissemination.

In the education and informative sector, SkyQ Tech pioneers digital solutions that revolutionize the way knowledge is accessed and shared. We empower educational institutions and information providers to deliver content effectively and engage learners.

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Driving productivity and innovation in the industrial landscape.

In the industrial and manufacturing sector, SkyQ Tech's IT solutions optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and foster innovation. We enable industrial enterprises to stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving markets.

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Delivering technology solutions that level the playing field.

SkyQ Tech supports professional service providers and small businesses with cutting-edge IT solutions. We help them compete effectively, streamline operations, and achieve their goals.

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Transforming retail through seamless technology solutions.

For retailers, SkyQ Tech's IT innovations enhance the shopping experience, optimize inventory management, and drive customer engagement. We empower retailers to thrive in the digital age.

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